Why Studio A&C

Our personalized approach considers your lifestyle and design aesthetic to create a beautifully functional result. Together, let’s create a more welcome and livable home.

Who’s here for dinner?

That’s the first question we ask when we start on a new project. It guides our understanding of how you’ll best use your space so that we can create a functional, comfortable and stylish result.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. Where family and friends gather. Where favorite recipes passed down through generations are shared. Where memories, from lively holiday gatherings to sharing a late-night bowl of cereal, are made. Every project is as unique as those that live in the space, and it’s important that it reflects you.

“Tara Coon is a pleasure to work with and integral in the design process. She is extremely organized and helpful with technical solutions. I know Tara would go above and beyond for me and my clients”.

Amanda M, Designer

Collaborative Approach

Designing a kitchen, bathroom or other space in your home should be treated with significance and reverence for your wants and needs. Instead of imposing design on our clients, we partner to make sure the finished space will fit your style while still being functional.

Dedicated Team

We manage every project as a team to maximize idea generation and creativity, ensure high quality work, and provide better customer service.

Customer Experience

You’re creating your dream space – it should be fun and exciting! And you should feel a welcome part of the process. We listen, offer guidance, and manage the details from start to finish.

“My wife and I were looking for a lighter, brighter feel to our house but were overwhelmed. We turned to Paula for help. Paula took the lead and began to discern how each of our tastes/styles worked together or clashed. As we identified colors, wants and needs she drew up plans to bring those unique aesthetics out.

She crafted a kitchen that we simply are, to this day, blown away by. Her work in our laundry room not only created a highly functional space, but a lovely one as well. She took what was a small half bath and turned it into a warm, private, seemingly larger space. Her understanding of light and shadow brings out the perfect ambience. Form and function are balanced. From the complex to the smallest detail, Paula brought together the perfect space.

From working with the builder to working with vendors, she took care of us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work, craftsmanship and beauty of each room. We highly recommend Paula for any job and are already beginning to think of our master bedroom and ensuite.”

Sandy and Jim Z.

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